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[1] We are pleased to offer another issue containing two articles.  Laying the groundwork for future study in this area, in “Towards a Typology of Minimalist Tropes,” Rebecca Leydon examines a number of recent works (by Michael Nyman, John Oswald, Arvo Pärt, Raymond Scott, Spring Heel Jack, and Frederic Rzewski) that, while all using minimalist techniques, project a number of distinct affects. 

[2] The Carpenters’ 1971 recording of “Superstar” was one of the hits the propelled them to fame in the pop music world in that decade.  In “Your Guitar, It Sounds So Sweet and Clear: Semiosis in Two Versions of ‘Superstar’,” Kevin Holm-Hudson provides a detailed semiotic analysis comparing the Carpenters’ recording and the 1994 cover by Sonic Youth (with references to the Bette Midler version Richard Carpenter heard that inspired his own arrangement). 

[3] Also in this issue, Olli Väisälä reviews the recent volume, Sibelius Studies, edited by Timothy L. Jackson and Veijo Murtomäki.  As usual, the issue is rounded out with listings of recently completed dissertations, job opportunities, and general announcements.

[4] We encourage readers to post their reactions to this issue’s articles and review.  The mto-talk email list is available to MTO subscribers (subscription is free) for online discussion of any MTO-related topic. (Thislink will help you determine if you are a subscriber.) To post to mto-talk, simply send an email message to mto-talk@societymusictheory.org. Longer responses may be submitted for publication in the Commentary section of the next issue. These should be formatted and submitted according to MTO”sAuthor Guidelines.

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