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[1] Our MTO volume 10.2 features three articles and two book reviews. In “Rules for Chord Doubling (and Spacing): Which Ones Do We Need?” by Bret Aarden and Paul T. von Hippel, chord tone doubling rules are tested against a repertoire of samples composed by Bach, Mozart, and Haydn. An interactive applet created by the authors allows readers to test their ability to discriminate between composed examples and randomized models.

[2] Lori Burns and Alyssa Woods contribute “Authenticity, Appropriation, Signification: Tori Amos on Gender, Race, and Violence in Covers of Billie Holiday and Eminem.” Their article proposes an interpretive framework for considering ways that artists manipulate artifacts of cultural memory and create meaning through a personal and authentic subjective voice.

[3] In his article, “Interval-Classes and Psychological Space,” Art Samplaski applies multidimensional scaling analysis to data on interval similarity, showing through three-dimensional geometric models the interactions of interval size, interval-type, and class of acoustical dissonance.

[4] Rob Haskins reviews The Cambridge Companion to John Cage, edited by David Nicholls (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002). Kenneth Gloag reviews The Music and Thought of Michael Tippett: Modern Times and Metaphysics by David Clarke (Cambridge University Press, 2001). Also provided in the issue are listings of recently completed dissertations, job opportunities, and general announcements.

[5] Submissions to MTO are welcome at any time. We encourage readers to post their reactions to this issue’s articles and review. The mto-talk email list is available to MTO subscribers (subscription is free) for online discussion of any MTO-related topic. To post to mto-talk, simply send an email message to mto-talk@societymusictheory.org. Longer responses may be submitted for publication in the Commentary section of the next issue. These should be formatted and submitted according to MTO Author Guidelines.

[6] All MTO volumes dating back to our first issue in 1993 can be accessed from the contents page at http://www.mtosmt.org/issues/issues.html.

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