Society for Music Theory

MTO Personnel for Volume 13 Number 3, September 2007

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Tim Koozin (University of Houston)

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Reviews Editor
Jeffrey Perry (Louisiana State University)
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Editorial Board
Michael Buchler (Florida State University) Norman Carey (CUNY Graduate Center)
David E. Cohen (Columbia University) Nora A. Engebretsen (Bowling Green State University)
Joel Galand (Florida International University) Kevin Korsyn (University of Michigan)
Rebecca Leydon (Oberlin College) Scott Murphy (University of Kansas)
Richard Parncutt (University of Graz, Austria)
Managing Editor 
Brent Yorgason (Indiana University)
mto-talk Manager
Jay Rahn (York University)

Prepared by Brent Yorgason, Managing Editor
Updated November 23 2017