Society for Music Theory

MTO Personnel for Volume 14 Number 4, December 2008

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Tim Koozin (University of Houston)
Matthew Shaftel (Florida State University)
Reviews Editors
Jeffrey Perry (Louisiana State University)
Gretchen Foley (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Editorial Board
Nicole Biamonte (University of Iowa) Michael Buchler (Florida State University)
Matthew Butterfield (Franklin & Marshall College) Guy Capuzzo (UNC Greensboro)
Norman Carey (CUNY Graduate Center) Nora A. Engebretsen (Bowling Green State University)
Joel Galand (Florida International University) Kevin Korsyn (University of Michigan)
Peter Martens (Texas Tech University) Scott Murphy (University of Kansas)
Shaugn O'Donnell (The City College of New York)
Managing Editor 
Brent Yorgason (Marietta College)
Editorial Assistants
Sean Atkinson (Florida State University) William Guerin (Indiana University)
Mitch Ohriner (Indiana University) Jennie Smith (Florida State University)

Prepared by Brent Yorgason, Managing Editor
Updated November 23 2017