Society for Music Theory

Music Theory Online is a journal of criticism, commentary, research and scholarship. The refereed open-access electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory, MTO has been in continuous publication since 1993. New issues are published four times per year and include articles, reviews, commentaries, and analytical essays. In addition, MTO publishes a list of job opportunities and abstracts of recently completed dissertations.

Current Issue: Volume 20.4, featuring articles, reviews, and commentaries by:

  • Joshua Albrecht
  • Matthew L. BaileyShea
  • Robert S. Hatten
  • Dave Headlam
  • Blair Johnston
  • David Kopp
  • Joseph Kraus
  • Harald Krebs
  • Beate Kutschke
  • Victoria Malawey

MTO Editor: Nicole Biamonte (McGill University)
MTO Associate Editor: Stephen Rodgers (University of Oregon)
MTO Reviews Editors: Kyle Adams (Indiana University) and Heather Platt (Ball State University)
MTO Managing Editor: Brent Yorgason (Marietta College)
MTO Editorial Board

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