Volume 10 Number 2, June 2004

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Rules for Chord Doubling (and Spacing): Which Ones Do We Need?
        Bret Aarden (Ohio State University)
        Paul T. von Hippel (Ohio State University)
Authenticity, Appropriation, Signification: Tori Amos on Gender, Race, and Violence in Covers of Billie Holiday and Eminem
        Lori Burns (University of Ottawa)
        Alyssa Woods (University of Michigan)
Interval-Classes and Psychological Space
        Art Samplaski


Review of David Clarke, The Music and Thought of Michael Tippett: Modern Times and Metaphysics (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
        Kenneth Gloag (Cardiff University)
Review of David Nicholls ed., The Cambridge Companion to John Cage (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
        Rob Haskins (University of New Hampshire)


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