Editor’s Message

Dear MTO readers,

The days are lengthening, regional conferences are afoot, and I am very pleased to announce the first MTO issue of the year. Volume 19.1 is diverse and path breaking in true MTO style, with articles on Schoenberg, Ravel, Schubert and Beethoven, Lassus and Palestrina, Radiohead, and Owl City. Topics range from song signing on Youtube to musical modeling in the Renaissance, from temporality in Ravel to rhythmic ambiguity in Radiohead, and from musical grafting in Schubert and Beethoven to music and theology in Schoenberg. Along with the articles, volume 19.1 features reviews of books by Steve Larson and Brian Alegant, and of a volume of essays edited by Elliott Antokoletz and Marianne Wheeldon.

Without further ado, here are the specifics:

And here are the three new book reviews in this issue:

Other MTO news: we appointed a second book reviews editor to help keep up our ambitious pace of reviews—fifteen last year! I welcome Kyle Adams as our new reviews editor, working together with Steven Rings, and thank them both for their terrific service. I am also pleased to welcome Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen to the MTO editorial board. Brøvig-Hanssen brings valuable expertise on popular music and music technology and a keen editorial eye.

My sincere thanks to Karen Bottge (associate editor) for working with me diligently and wisely on all aspects of MTO, to Brent Yorgason (managing editor) for his tireless work behind the scenes, to all members of the editorial board for their thorough and constructive reviews, and to the editorial assistants for their dedication, hard work, and attention to detail.

We would like to encourage new and creative submissions to MTO. Although we are especially well suited for the publication of articles that incorporate recordings, videos, and other media, we also welcome submissions in any number of formats, including full-length articles, shorter essays and commentaries, conference reports, and entire special volumes.

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